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Introducing the next generation of cruising .....

Imagine a world where you can enjoy ultra-luxury cruising on the Super-Yacht of your choice, in total privacy with your family, friends, business associates or just for yourself and your partner. Celebrate a special occasion and treat yourself to the ultimate exclusive cruise holiday. Imagine a 4x4 safari in Africa, meeting dolphins while you cross the Gibraltar strait, teeing off on the world's finest Golf courses or experiencing the ultimate river cruise up to historic Seville.












Super-Yachts that are built to provide a maximum in comfort and luxury while visiting the worlds most exciting ports of call. Accommodating you and your guests in luxurious state-rooms. A dedicated crew whose sole objective is to make your 7 nights cruise on board one of our Super-Yachts the best holiday experience ever!

Imagine a vacation where you will have 2 Range Rovers at your disposal in every port of Call*, either with or without chauffeur.You and your guests will truly feel like you are the Owners of the Super-Yacht of your choice for the duration of your cruise holiday, adding a whole new experience to your cruise holiday.

This much pampering and luxury was reserved for the select few who are able to own a Super-Yacht, but now this luxury lifestyle can be yours to experience. Prices of a 5 star cruise on board one of our Super-Yachts, start at £ 3,530 per person per week ( which equals to about £ 500 per person per day, and that's including all meals, non-alcoholic drinks, port calls, diesel consumption, crew wages, ship’s hire and all facilities on board). We hope you enjoy our website and please use our on-line help for any questions.


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